Reading, Recess & Role Playing Games

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While at the school, we had some opportunities to get involved with the students.  Everyone jumped at these opportunities – it was a great way to get to know the future users of the library!

Reading Club

It turns out that a group of students at Asturias is really dedicated to recreational reading, and started a Reading Club at the school!  We were excited to meet with them, and their president even came to speak with us on our first day there.  They meet every day at recess, and all the members keep a log of the books they are reading.  Currently, their supply of books is chosen for them by the school director, which they keep in a box, but I’m sure they’ll look forward to having a much bigger selection once the library is up and running!

We got these photos from one of the recess meetings.


A great way to interact with the kids at the school was at recess time.  Asturias has a big courtyard where all the kids go at their break to get snacks and play basketball or soccer.  With so many kids using the playing field at the same time, there are easily 5-10 games going on at once!  We had a great time dodging flying basketballs and trying to keep up with the kids.

English Classes

English teachers Kate and Chris were definitely happy to have a whole group of native English speakers around and invited us into the classrooms to meet the students.  We got to work with students of all levels, from grade four to twelve by participating in English-Spanish conversations, theatre games and role playing exercises.  I got a photo of Elizabeth in one of the theatre games, with a group of older students at the school.



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