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This year, 7 students from the Librarians Without Borders (LWB) McGill Student Committee will be traveling to Guatemala as part of a group of 27 LWB members to do service work with the Asturias Academy. Follow their trip blog from April 22 – May 3, 2011 here: http://lwb-online.org/?cat=27


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“McGill Librarians Without Borders: International Librarianship Initiatives” Article in inFocus Magazine

Hello folks,

Just wanted to let you know that McGill’s School of Information Studies recently published their Fall 2010 inFocus newsletter, which features an article on last year’s LWB trip to visit the Asturias Academy in Guatemala (pages 10-11) and a nod from the school’s Director, France Bouthillier on page 2 in herMessage from the Director column.  Very glad that we have the support of the library school at McGill!
Here’s the link: http://www.mcgill.ca/files/sis/sis_infocus_fall2010.pdf
Happy Holidays!

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December Round-Up

As many of you already know from your expanding waistlines, we had our bake sale yesterday to help raise money for our project at the Asturias Academy library!

Thank you to the many generous, kind people who helped out by baking, supervising the table, and assisting with set-up and take-down. Our many incredible LWB McGill members and other volunteers baked a delectable spread of cookies, candies, brownies, cupcakes, fudge, cakes, breads, savoury cheese dishes and other special treats!

For a $5 donation, people were able to sponsor a book and get their name (or the name of a friend or loved one) on a bookplate that will be placed inside a book destined for the Asturias Academy library. It’s still possible to sponsor a book — contact us for details!

All told, we raised over $400 for our project at the Asturias Academy library! Combined with the $300 we raised at the Manitoba Social in September, which we co-organized with our cool colleagues over at SLA McGill, our hard work is truly paying off! This is amazing, and it will help us in our mission to help the school library we developed last year evolve into a public library serving the entire community. This April, when we travel to Quetzaltenango, we will develop programming, services, and collections that will serve the wider Xela community as well as the Academy’s students.

Here are a couple of (admittedly poor quality!) photos from the bake sale yesterday, with the lovely Amanda Oliver (wo)manning the table:

Special thanks to Emily McHugh, Amanda Oliver, Becky Burbank, Caitlin Bakker, Sarah Gauntlett, Kat Daniels, Alanna MacNevin, Nouf Khashman, Elizabeth Schneider, Dana Ingalls, Shamron Spence, Sabrina Hepworth, Sanghun Cho, Laurel Stokes, and Julia Kleinberg for all your hard work! My sincere apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone — I blame counting all that change!!

In other news, things are heating up for LWB McGill right now as we plan our ticket purchases to Guatemala in April! Our sub-committees have also been incredibly active. For example, we have a group that is contacting local schools to promote partnerships and student sponsorships between Montreal schools and the Asturias Academy. Another group is working on a project with local First Nations groups, including a visit to the Kahnawake cultural center/school. Another sub-committee is working on identifying grant-writing opportunities for the library at the Asturias Academy.

If you’re interested in any of these projects, even if you’re not in the Montreal area, contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Hope everyone’s surviving December’s unpredictable weather and the onslaught of holiday consumerism!

All the best,


LWB McGill President

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CODE Fundraiser

Hi LWBers!

I have been in touch with Rosemary Cochrane of CODE Canada, and they are still looking for student volunteers to help our with their annual fundraiser! The date has been set for Wednesday, December 8. The venue will be St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish
Hall, 4455 West Broadway, NDG. Guest are invited from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Contact us if you’d like to be involved!


LWB McGill President

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The Asturias Library: moving in!

The Asturias Academy has completed the library space!!!  Check out their blog to learn more about the move and keep up to date with their progress! Here’s an excerpt from their November 10th entry:

Moving in the Books!

As you may or may not know, we have built a third story on to the Academy, and in January, all the rooms will be occupied by the students. This third story includes a couple rooms for our technical education program, a large room for traditional tech programs (think electricity, carpentry… those kind of programs) and a brand new beautiful library!


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Asturias Library Update: 2010 Annual Report

Hi Folks!

Have just received Asturias Academy’s 2010 Annual Report, which contains the following section on the completion of the library space:

Completion of the Third Floor

We have been under construction for what seems like forever. It was 19months. During that time, we built a completely new, third story to the Academy.What that floor means for our students is a brand new library, the first of its kindin the area, and a technical education floor. We were also able to move thevolunteer office up to the third floor, and thus separate the clinic and volunteeroffice. Each now have their own offices and workers there are thrilled with theirnew space!

There were many challenges to the third floor. Not only was funding a hugechallenge, but even when we thought we had it all done, there were still somekinks to work out. For example, we found out that the roof didn’t drain very well.Fortunately, we discovered this before we put all our books into the library! Onceit was waterproofed, we were able to move all the books in. We even had a day oflibrary education for the teachers, during their two week yearly training.

Even though we have the place up and running, there are still some thingswe could use. We have the space for HUNDREDS more books, we’re looking forchairs and tables to make the library a really workable spaces, and we’d love tohave 3 computers for the students to use in the library.The completion of the third floor signals the completion of the Miguel AngelAsturias Academy. As such, we definitely felt a sense of accomplishment as welooked at the complete, furnished rooms, and cannot wait to see students in them.

Read the report in it’s entirety here: 2010 report

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Guatemala news from Amnesty International

Amnesty International gives regular, frequent updates on current human rights issues in Guatemala, in addition to many other countries. Since LWB at McGill will be visiting and working in Guatemala again this coming spring, we’d do well to keep informed of the social and political conditions that remain continuously causes for humanitarian concern. 


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