We have established an ongoing partnership with the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal to create a small library full of books for pleasure reading and cultural knowledge. This relationship enriches our McGill students while at the same time benefiting the urban aboriginal population in Montreal.

LWB McGill is also working to provide books for the women at the Chez Doris women’s day shelter.


Since September 2009 Librarians Without Borders and the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy in Que­tzal­te­nango (Xela), Guatemala have worked in partnership to promote literacy and learning. The focus of our collaboration is on the development and operation of a library at the Asturias Academy.
By creating a community library in Xela to serve students, their families and members of the community, the Asturias Academy hopes to foster a love of reading and promote education.

In April 2010 eleven members of the Librarians Without Borders McGill Student Chapter traveled to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in partnership with the Asturias Academy.  It was the first trip of its kind for the LWB McGill Chapter and sparked the beginning of an ongoing partnership with Asturias Academy.

Valli Fraser-Celin (LWB McGill Committee Chair 2009-2010) wrote the following summary of the trip:

After all our hard work at Asturias, the group put together a manual of recommendations for the future school library. We included recommendations on space lay out, shelving, mock-ups, programming, collection development and cataloguing. We also purchased aLibraryThing account for the school so that they can start cataloguing books as soon as possible.

The experience we had working together and working at Asturias was exciting, fulfilling and an immense learning process. The hospitality and enthusiasm we encountered at Asturias from the students, teachers, volunteers and Jorge was truly inspiring. We learned to trust each other as a team and that flexibility and keeping an open mind are important when working on such an enormous project.

Having Asturias arrange such wonderful cultural experiences also reinforced how important it was to learn about a culture, the people and the educational system before starting our work. The more we knew about the students and where they were coming from, the more we were able to make this library unique to Asturias. It was a pleasure working with everyone who came on the trip as well as everyone at Asturias.

In April 2011, seven students from the Librarians Without Borders (LWB) McGill Student Committee travelled to Guatemala as part of a group of 27 LWB members to do service work with the Asturias Academy.


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